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A Biennial Event In Malaysia Dedicated To Promoting The Growth Of The Rubber Industry. IRICE holds a special place in the history of the rubber industry, and our legacy speaks to our dedication to advancing this rubber sector.
About Us

Showcases The Best Of The Best In The Industry

The International Rubber Industry Conference and Exhibition (IRICE) is a biennial event in Malaysia dedicated to promoting the growth of the rubber industry, including its technologies and products. Showcases the processing, manufacturing, development, application and buying and selling of rubber products.
IRICE covers and promotes the purpose, processes, and products of each.
IRICE plays host to both local and international manufacturers, creators, artists, buyers, sellers, and educators of materials, tools, and services.
Tools, advancing technologies, new regulations, even art are some of the many topics and areas of work within the rubber industry covered and showcased by IRICE.
IRICE provides a forum for individuals and businesses to network, exchange ideas, and learn from each other and about the rubber industry.
Participants of IRICE additionally can take part in meetings, events, workshops, and symposiums within the main event for those interested in participating.

To Support Local Industry In Malaysia

IRICE is held by MRPMA, an aggregate of Malaysian natural dry rubber manufacturers with the goal to improve and develop the rubber industry by influencing policies and promoting the upstream sector of the rubber industry within the rubber industry. IRICE also benefits the downstream sector in helping to identify new market opportunities.

IRICE aims to promote the voices of the smallholders and manufacturers of the rubber industry, assist in creating policies aimed to help conditions within the industry, and bring all within the industry together, making connections and a mutually symbiotic flow.
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The Malaysian Rubber Product Manufacturers’ Association (MRPMA) is composed of the manufacturers of rubber products in Malaysia. MRPMA assists in the promotion and coordination of the sustainable growth of the rubber industry.

The association provides a platform for the voices involved in the rubber industry, seeking solutions and better prospects, to be heard by the government. Part of their mission is to create cooperation and protect dry rubber products manufacturers. They also help develop better policies to assist in the development of advances in technologies used in the rubber industry. MRPMA also encourages better-aligned manufacturing processes to improve quality and productivity and to collaborate with other associations with a similar mission.

MRPMA is also committed in helping smallholders and tappers create income through crafting beautiful art pieces made entirely of rubber tree leaves. MRPMA strives to see Malaysia as the number one producer of all quality rubber products.

IRICE is an international meeting place for the rubber industry. This event serves as a powerful interface to exchange knowledge and connect significant rubber industry professionals. MRPMA envisions IRICE to be ASEAN’s largest expo for the rubber industry.

Additionally, MRPMA hosts other events, including MRPMA Rubber Industry Conference (MRIC), alongside their Annual Dinner and Annual General Meeting.

2025 Exhibition Locations

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Malaysia

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Supporting, Organization, Ministries And Government Agencies


The IRICE champions the course of the growth and development of the downstream and upstream sectors of the rubber industry

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